Nursing Data: Mostra di Marco Lachi e Allegra Martin a Lugano

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i2a istituto internazionale  di architettura will inaugurate Tuesday 4 June 2013 at 8.30pm in its seat of Vico Morcote the exhibition “Nursing data: the architecture  of computing  centres” that presents the results of the photographic investigation carried out by the photographers Allegra Martin and Marco Lachi at  CSCS -­ Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano (used as an example of such infrastructure). Their work will be accompanied by material taken from the American architecture magazine “Clog”, that dedicated in 2012 an entire issue on the architecture of data-­centers, as well as i2a research material.Computing centres do not currently attract architects’ attentions but their organisation shares characteristics and issues with the  infrastructure of contemporary cities. Furthermore, despite their location within the city, they have not yet acquired true significance  in the organisation of urban areas. Yet, they require important flows of energy, water, people and knowledge to function ans thus, inevitably, have an impact on large portions of landscape.
The exhibition “Nursing data: the architecture of computing centres”, curated by Alessandro Martinelli, curator at i2a, and designed  by Rosalia Briguglio and Antonio Pennisi, researchers in residence at i2a, presents the results of an investigation on an infrastructural  type that is emerging  in urban landscapes around the world. It will be on show at i2a istituto internazionale di architettura until Wednesday 10 July 2013 (first floor hall, from Monday to Sunday 10am-­8pm, free admittance). The evening of June 4th will be broadcast via live streaming at
The material will be compiled in a catalogue “Nursing data” that will be printed by Listlab during the summer of 2013 – the fifth volume of i2a’s collection regarding the “infrarealities” program.The exhibition and the round table are part of the “infrarealities” program that studies infrastructure and contemporary urban  landscape, created by i2a in 2011. Thanks to the scale and capillarity of its infrastructure network, the selected region to be examined is the area that connects Lugano, the valley of the Vedeggio and the Ponte Tresa pass, a perfect case study. i2a has thus organised the collection of the analysis and design work of students from universities around the world (from the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design of the Domus Academy in Milano to the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and  Preservation of Columbia University in New York, from the Politecnico in Milano to the Fakultät für Architektur, Fachhochschule  Köln ecc.) as well as researchers  and professionals (not only architects) who work temporarily on the program. The goal is to  create management and landscape development tools, to be used by public and private organisations and academic institutions,  that are periodically presented via debates and exhibitions held at i2a.

nursing data

nursing data