Opening exhibition at fsmgallery

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The final exhibition of the students of the First and Second Year of the Three-Year Course of Photography will open on June 27, 2014 at 19:00 at fsmgallery, Via San Zanobi 19R, Florence.

This year, more than ever, the students have chosen a creative variety of subjects. There are several urban projects: the documentation of a suburban and marginalised reality in the Roman metropolis; the urban transformation around the New Opera Theatre, with a focus on the future Florence is facing; a tale from Graz (Austria) that mixes vintage photographs with new ones telling the story of an old Synagogue; a Korean view on the life of a foreigner through an exploration of Chinatown’s themes; the view of the Mugnone river as a line that offers ever-changing everyday sceneries; a sharp-eyed perspective on Albania, a faraway country and yet so close.
There are also intimate projects: a famous song inspires a story about the death of a dear friend; the hidden identities and the multiplicity of beings; affectionate portraits of friends; surreal interiors in search of a lost time; the intimacy of spaces that remind of a period when studying in Venice; an overview on amusement parks, spaces where ordinary life disappears and fantasy can fly; a deep investigation about nature as a reflection of mankind in the search of what nature and human beings are.
There are staged photography works as well: stories about addictions and excesses among young people on the West Coast; an ironic social protest about deterioration of food products; pictures of unusual and extreme versions of the self, and funny pictures about home routines performed in public places.
There are stories about individuality and friendship of a longboard crew, as well as stories about the first contact young people have with guns, while training at shooting ranges.
Finally, there are many street photography projects where subjects become characters, and much more topics.
Come at fsmgallery, and enjoy!
The show will be open until July 11, 2014, from 15 to 19 Monday to Friday.