Diffusion 2017

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Brexit, Trumpism, globalisation, climate change, poverty, religious intolerance, the migrant and refugee crisis, diversity, nationalism, border control, hate crime, gentrification and community division. For all the technological socio-economic progress made, we live in a world blighted by inequality, war and political upheaval, particularly for those living under oppressive regimes. Diffusion 2017 looks at ‘revolution’ in its widest context, investigating moments of social change, movements around freedom of expression, the pursuit of utopias, respect for human rights and identity. The last hundred years have seen dramatic and wide-reaching changes to the way we live – technological, political, social and cultural. Such change requires a challenge to the established order, protest and rebellion, insurgency, risk and experimentation, new ideas and transformational processes.

All submissions will be reviewed by Diffusion’s international curatorial panel, led by David Drake, Festival Director and Director of Ffotogallery.

David Drake – Director, ffotogallery.org, Diffusion Festival Director
Gintaras Cesonis – Chairman, Lithuanian Photographers Association
Jean-Marc Lacabe – Director, Le Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse
Matthias Bullinger and Gisela Diringer – Co-Directors: Bildkultur, Stuttgart
Jens Friis – Editor in Chief, Katalog Magazine, Denmark
Malcolm Dickson – Director, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow