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©Anne Sophie AUCLERC « Il est déconseillé de se baigner dans un lac lors d’un orage » 2019 festival circulation(s) 2021



12th edition

The programme of CIRCULATIONS is based on a selection of artists elected by a jury following the European call for applications, invited artists and a focus on a European country. The artistic direction is provided by the Fetart Collective’s Artistic Committee.

Around this large-scale exhibition, which brings together some forty European photographers in a space of 2,000 m2, educational activities (tours for children, guided visits by the artists, screenings, etc.) and workshops (portfolio readings, photo studio, etc.) are organised for the general public and young photographers.

The Circulation(s) 2022 festival will be held at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, a multidisciplinary cultural venue in eastern Paris, from 31 March to 29 May. The festival also has a tradition of organising “off the wall” events.

The call for entries is open to all European photographers or photographers residing in Europe, at the beginning of their career as authors. There is no theme. At the end of the call for applications, some twenty photographers forming a panorama of the new generation of European photographers will be exhibited at Circulation(s).

Circulation(s) is the festival dedicated to emerging photography in Europe. Each year, at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS and satellite sites in France and abroad, it reveals the vitality of young creation and speaks for the diversity of photographic expressions through unique exhibitions and events. 

A stepping stone for artists, a prospective and innovative laboratory of contemporary creativity, Circulation(s) is a must-attend photography event and a trend revelator. Since its inception in 2011, the festival has exhibited over 400 artists and attracted over 300,000 visitors with an ever-growing aspiration to be an approachable event of high standards. 

Circulation(s) responds to the current context by reinventing the formats of events and meetings. Whether digital or physical, these meetings create dialogues between artists, professionals and the public, confronting views and questioning the boundaries between photography and contemporary art. Images and ideas of a new generation of photographers both circulate. 

Info and application: Festival CIRCULATION(S)

Title image: ©Anne Sophie AUCLERC « Il est déconseillé de se baigner dans un lac lors d’un orage » 2019 festival circulation(s) 2021