Art You Mine

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Art You Mine
Opening event June 22 h. 6PM at IED Florence
via Bufalini 6r, Florence 


The exhibition Art You Mine in collaboration with Palazzo Strozzi’s educational department will be held as the final project from IED Firenze students of the Arts Management Master Program showcasing artists from four Florentine art schools.

The multidisciplinary exhibition will include photography, painting, video, installation and performance artworks produced by students from Accademia di Belle Arti, California State University, Fondazione Studio Marangoni and LABA under the topic of “Appropriation”, which serves as inspiration for the creation of new concepts.

Bill Viola’s Digital Renaissance show in Palazzo Strozzi stands as this project’s departure point. Starting from this common ground the young artists create their works appropriating pre-existing ideas or ready-made works following a subjective and original approach.

Appropriation is an open field that crosses our path from ordinary life to the construction of art images. It is a conceptual platform that operates both in the development and the perception of visual culture. From an historical point of view as well as a contemporary accumulative strategy of our digital era we continuously re-signify signs, objects, words, images already given. By doing so, while appropriating, we narrate new stories. For the exhibition Art You Mine all the different voices of appropriation will be present.

Born digital natives, these young artists and curators grew up surrounded by an abundance of images, videos and other pop culture elements. This overload prompts us to constantly ‘copy-paste’, ‘drag-drop’, ‘mash-up’ and ‘remix’. In this sense, appropriation is part of everyone’s daily routine, and the exhibition will showcase the outcome of such artistic activities.

Using various techniques such as silkscreen, collage and etching, some artists re-interpreted Renaissance masterpieces, some zoomed into details and re-assembled them into something new, others re-staged scenes from famous paintings in fragments as archaeological findings all with the purpose of presenting their own interpretation of appropriation. With this exhibition young talents will be given the possibility of exploring an omnipresent topic in the history of arts by the development of their personal ideas.

Featured Artists

Accademia di Belle Arti: Francesco De Tommasso & Eirini Thanou, Martino Neri, Marta Mazzanti, Gabriella Maria Coppetti, Giuditta Amendola, Simone Palmaccio, Leonardo Moretti, Miriam Poggiali, Laura Bertini, Antonio Vivona.

California State University: Emma Akmakdjian, Cassidy Austin, Sarah Vianna, Caroline Contreras, Jabal Miki.

Fondazione Studio Marangoni: Chiara Pezzano, Emilia Pizzonia, Francesco Taddei, Michela Goretti, Niccolo Bacchetti Astore, Lev Fazio, Matteo Morsellino, Nicolò Panzeri & Joshua Kercher Jara.

LABA: Marlies Baumgartner, Eleonora Buti, Jacopo Francesconi, Francesca Bernardi, Francesca Bartoletti, Elifcan Kaner, Eleonora Pellegrini, Stefania Balocco, Veronica Greco, Gianmarco Tielli, Marilena Savino, Sara Morelli, Maria Alejandra Chaves.