Costanza De Rogatis: NOI. Brand New Talent Rearviewmirror.

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468574_10200376881439313_928425262_o464553_10200376880799297_668505681_oBrand New Talent del RVM Magazine #10: Costanza De Rogatis con il lavoro NOI, un lavoro sulla sua famiglia.

Costanza De Rogatis vive e lavora a Caracas. Nel 2010 si è diplomata alla Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Fotografia Professionale.

The project “Noi” (“Us”) was –at the beginning– an attempt to document what I thought was a sort of “no man’s land”: that feeling of not belonging to a place anymore once you’ve decided to start a new life abroad. Your family, your language, your country, your culture become thus an unknown empty space, and the word home is a blurry term with no boundaries, no ceilings, no floors.

As soon as I started taking pictures, I realized that it was going to be impossible for me to document the absences, the “no places” of the life that I left behind, because for my family, even in my absence I was very present: in every family, each and every single individual plays a role, and mine was not replaced, shifted, or forgotten. And neither were the roles played since my infancy by my father, my mother and my sister.

By photographing them, by photographing the little pieces that constituted our daily life, I discovered a subtle, unspoken truth that couldn’t be told with words, an intrinsic strength that tied us together as a family, a fortress they wanted me to document. Then it came to me that I wasn’t just observing them: they’d chosen me to be their witness. And from that moment on I had my new role: to be their memory.